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Wether you're looking to develop a repeatable sales process, improve the performance of your sales team, or simply close more deals, I'm here for one purpose... to make you more money.

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I'm Nate

After starting my career selling to Fortune 500 companies at my company MKE Valet, I've sold products and services at all levels of business ranging from multi-six figure per year deals, all the way down to personal consulting packages, info products, and much more. After successfully exiting my first agency in 2022, I'm looking to work with other entrepreneurs needing a second set of eyes when it comes to increasing revenue, ACV, and eventually exiting.

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Looking To Take Your Sales Team To The Next Level?

Sales Playbook Creation

Sales Playbook Creation

Whether you’re a brand new company looking for a proven or sales process or an established business who has never really focused on their revenue department holistically, The Sales Playbook is your one stop shop for all things revenue generation.

From outbound processes across email, the phone, and social media, to generating inbound leads and developing successful strategic partnerships, let us save you years of time and thousands of dollars by having your entire sales process from A-Z documented.

In-House Closer

In-House Closer

Are you a founder who is looking to continue scaling your business?

With years of experience working across multiple industries, leveraging both outbound lead generation, I will work with you to identify, improve, and execute a variety of lead gen tactics to continue taking your company to the next level.

Sales Team Training

Sales Team Training

Is your sales team not performing at the level you think they’re capable of?

Using a combination of psychology, NLP, and proven frameworks, allow Nate and his experience managing teams both big and small to coach your team to perform at the highest level.


Don't Just Take It From Me

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I’ve been working with Nate for a few years now and am blown away by his drive, hunger, and ability to learn so quickly. I brought him on to help with growth and sales...he is a killer. I’ve been able to trust him leading this division within BLNK Slate Media and couldn’t recommend him more. From sales to marketing to getting on cold calls, Nate blows me away and it’s an honor to work with him and see his growth every day!

Sam Lister
Founder, BLNKSlate
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When bringing Nate in to help us scale our two main offers, I was hesitant as I’d been in business much longer than he had. However, I was blown away by the approaches and frameworks Nate brought to the table and even more blow away by the results once our sales team implemented them. Regardless of what stage your business is currently at, I’m confident Nate can add value and help you reach your sales and marketing goals! ”

Adam Totounji
CEO, Mogul Insider
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Nate has been a game changer for Pneuma. He's helped take Pneuma from startup to scaleup quickly, all while helping us build a sales function that is long-lasting and impactful

David Riggs
Founder, Pneuma Media


What Industries Have You Sold In?

After starting my career in enterprise sales working with clients like Northwestern Mutual, Johnson & Johnson, and Quad, I then started helping small-mid sized businesses after the pandemic primarily in home-services, agency services, and tech. One of my first companies, BLNK Slate Media, sold to prosumers/D2C and also have experience selling directly to the consumer.

Tell Me About Nate’s Accomplishments in Sales?

Nate has sold over $5M in sales throughout his career as well as built and scaled both sales and non-sales related teams. He has worked with some of the biggest names across multiple industries from finance, to insurance, tech, and more. His consulting services have helped dozens of small-mid sized business owners take control of their sales with a proven process, outbound scripts & tactics, call review & coaching, and much more.

What Makes Nate Different Than Other Sales Consultants or Trainers?

Nate not only brings a modern perspective to most of the outdated sales tactics still used today, but he is also a certified practitioner of NLP (Link to article, what is NLP). Because of this, Nate has a very psychological approach to sales and communication, which is what is needed to be successful in business today.

How Much Does It Cost To Work With Nate?

Please inquire further as depending on your needs, Nate will meet with you, figure out exactly what areas you’re currently struggling with, and put together a custom scope as to what the engagement will look like.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Work With Nate?

Small Businesses: You’ve never done outbound sales and are looking for a veteran to come in and set up successful systems and scripts to help get your outreach started wether that’s phone, email, social media, or some combination.
Medium Businesses: Your outbound or inbound lead gen process and results have been lackluster and are looking to really scale this area. Also, if you’re looking to build or scale your sales team, Nate can help you determine who’s a good fit, where to find them, and how to take them from 0-100 in 90 days.
Enterprise Level: If your sales tactics are outdated and not working as well as they have previously, Nate is a great fit to meet with sales leadership, as well as your sales teams to determine and solve the root cause of this issue. If the performance of your sales team has been lackluster, Nate will audit sales calls, meet with your team 1-on-1 to help them improve, and anything else required to get your team back to the performance level you know they can.

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